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Nefertiti - MDH10 by china-doll-on-tour Nefertiti - MDH10 by china-doll-on-tour
Portrait base by Esoterically
Full body base by Pix Paradise

Well, as the title says this is Queen Nefertiti, an entry for Miss Doll History. I study Egyptology at uni, so I know what I was doing with this entry! xD

The full body - well her head is obviously based on the Bust of Nefertiti in the Berlin Museum of Egyptology, here. The rest of her dress was based on a couple of reliefs depicting Nefertiti from Amarna, such as this and this. I also used images of Tutankhamun's wife, Queen Ankhesenamun, as inspiration as the fashion did not change drastically between the reign of Akhenaten and his successor - so this was another reference. The red was inspired by Queen Nefertari's dress in her tomb, such as in this. One way I fell down which is blatantly obvious is with the lotus in her hand. It just wouldn't work like I wanted it to. xD

The portrait - well, the rules for the first round stated that the full body should wear what she would have worn outside (in town or whatever) and the portrait should wear what she would have worn indoors. So the crown had to go (well didn't -have- to go, but I thought that no-one would feel comfortable with that on their head all day long!) and that hair in the portrait is, in fact, a wig - shaving the head and wearing a wig was normal practice in Ancient Egypt. The dress was tougher because she may have worn the same outfit at home as she wore out, but I decided she should just wear the 'sheath-dress' (which, in fact, she was already wearing under the linen in the full body). Anyway, one reference I used was this. I have lost the reference for the necklace, but I did write hieroglyphs on there which say 'nfr-ty-ty' or 'Nefertiti'. The headdress was my biggest problem, but the design I chose eventually was based on this painting of Ankhesenamun, because I couldn't find any suitable pictures of Nefertiti.

Also, I think I should point out that the straps of the dress -aren't- supposed to be completely covering her breasts. I know that's not the case in that picture of the sheath dress, but in a few other references I used the straps didn't completely cover them. Just thought I'd say that so people wouldn't think I was stupid and incapable of drawing straps on a dress correctly. xD

Well, that is that. I have waffled on quite a bit, but I do love Ancient Egypt so much that I feel justified in doing so! xD
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